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Over a century ago, my great grandparents peddled fresh seafood from a horse drawn wagon in Brooklyn, New York. Times have certainly changed dramatically over the past hundred years but the basic philosophy of sourcing and selling good wholesome seafood should remain the same.

As a fourth generation fishmonger, I have learned not all fish grow up in the best conditions.  After seeing and reading about all the recent mislabeling of fish and shellfish going on in restaurants and markets, I decided to start The Honest Fish (THF) society.  Our vision is to encourage origin awareness and accurate seafood labeling in the marketplace.  We are a society built on trust; where there are no secrets when it comes to the seafood we are putting into our bodies. 

It is my hope that together we can explore and support the outstanding restaurants and retail markets that believe honesty is the best policy.  I welcome you to The Honest Fish society where we will try to keep you informed and updated as we grow our community together.  It’s about time we all get to “know the fish on your dish™”.  


Founder, CEO,  Emily Lafrinere

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